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Practice Visit Protocol

GOS Contract Assurance

From ‎time to time NHS England may need to visit your practice (e.g. if you open a new practice, re-locate or a new director or partner is appointed or if you are chosen for a random visit following completion of your declaration in Quality in Optometry).

The Practice Visit Protocol Ophthalmic Contract Visit form will need to be completed and verified by the optometric adviser.

If you sell your practice, the GOS Contract cannot just be transferred to the new owner. You should advise NHS England Primary Care Team of your intention and check your contract for the notice period which is usually three months. You can do this in the first instance by emailing the generic inbox

practice visit protocol

For more information, download the GOS Contract Applicant guide.

NHS England also needs to be notified if there are any changes e.g. if you intend to change your contracted GOS hours or close when you are contracted to open, or there is a change to performers at your practice.